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Mad Hatter Steampunk Tea Party

taken by Marilyn at Houston- Herman Park Mad Hatter Tea Party
Photo taken by Marilyn at Houston- Herman Park Mad Hatter Tea Party
There was a table set under the pavilion in Houston's Herman Park and the mad hatter was having tea at it.  No sleeping doormouse sat beside him. Plenty of  squirrels scurried about the park, which are quite close to mice, but alas he didn't try to put a squirrel in his teapot.
Group Photo - taken by Marilyn at Houston- Herman Park Mad Hatter Tea Party
Group Photo - taken by Marilyn at Houston- Herman Park Mad Hatter Tea Party
Along with the mad hatter, I and about forty other Houston area Steampunk enthusiast came to tea.
Alice - Taken by Marilyn
taken by Marilyn
Including Alice, complete with the white rabbit on her necklace.
We bought teapots and tea cups and, though the Queen of Hearts didn’t make tarts for us, we had yummy cucumber finger sandwiches, luscious blueberry scones, crisp ginger biscuits, grapes, cheese, brownies, and more. We even had a fancy parasol center piece and a Steampunk sign. Though it was a lovely day the pavilion offered nice shade. It was much like standing under a large mushroom.
The Mad Hatter
Though Alice was curious about the March hare’s watch, which didn't keep time but told the year, here in the 21st century many of us have watches which do both, but we didn't spread the best butter on ours or dunk them in our tea like Lewis Carroll’s march hare did. Still we had a great time drinking our tea.
The day was gorgeous and every time the little train in the park went by all the riders, parents and children, waved at us.
Waving at the train -taken by Marilyn
Waving at the train -taken by Marilyn
We smoked the hookah like Lewis Carroll’s large blue caterpillar and we played croquet like the Queen of Hearts court.
Lighting the Hookah
Lighting the Hookah
There were no cries of off with your head from the Queen but my croquet ball was smacked out by other balls several times. We used regular wire wickets, not soldiers doubled up and standing on their hands and feet to make the arches as they did at the Queen of Hearts' croquet game. We also didn't have to try to manage live flamingos for mallets or live hedgehogs for balls.
taken by Marilyn at Houston- Herman Park Mad Hatter Tea Party
Taken by Marilyn
Which is fortunate, as the chief difficulty of using a flamingo as a mallet is by the time you get its neck straightened out it twist itself round and looks up in your face with a puzzled expression. And the hedgehogs have a habit of unrolling themselves and crawling away.
Of course in Wonderland it is always time for tea since the mad hatter quarreled with Time last March it stays at six o’clock, but our tea party ran until 4 o’clock. Though somewhat sad, it’s good it came to an end so we could take our teapots and teacups home and wash them out rather than moving all the tea-things around as they get used up like the mad hatter, march hare and the doormouse did. After all, they couldn't find time to wash them when it's always tea time.
DSCN0246I had such a pleasant day at the Mad Hatter tea party, I half believe I went to Wonderland rather than Herman park. Though our Houston tea party get together has ended there will be many more events. In the meantime I will entertain myself with a large cup of tea and a long book, one with pictures and conversions. For as Alice would say, what use is a book without pictures or conversations. If you live in the Houston area and are interested in Steampunk meet ups and events visit Territories of Houston Steampunk and 42nd Airship Battalion
Maeve Alpin take by Marilyn
Maeve Alpin taken by Marilyn

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