Friday, September 18, 2015

Teeny-Weeny Star Wars Bikini

Jabba the Hutt wasn't the only one drooling when princess Leia stretched out before him in nothing but chains, a mermaid braid, and a skimpy metal bikini. Jabba kept her on a tight leash…until she choked him with that chain. Jabba probably liked that.

Remember what Princess Leia wore in that scene? You know…the iconic gold metallic outfit, which barely clad the toned, fit body of the kick-ass heroine. Well, the favorite slave attire for fashionable futuristic princesses complete with high-heel jerbas hide boots, and  flowing veils of rare Lashaa silk, draped at the front and back of the brass thong was auctioned off.

The slave girl bikini  was one of over 50 Star Wars items sold at an auction hosted by Profiles in History. The winning bid for the iconic get up was $96,000.

I guess this means Carrie fisher won't be wearing it for the new movie.

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