Monday, May 2, 2011

Steampunk Plus size Fashion

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At a spectacular steampunk festival in San Antonio last weekend, Aetherfest, I learned so much at a panel on costuming DOs and DON’Ts, specifically for plus size ladies and gentlemen, I had to share the great advice. I’m breaking it down into several post so the first is one is on steampunk fashion issues from head to neck, like a head shot.

Starting with hats, as cute as the tiny top hats are, they’re dispaportioned on a full figured woman, but there are two fabulous solutions. You can choose a full size Victorian hat instead or with your hair styled in a curly or fluffy hairdo, wear the tiny top hat the way you would a barrette. Both are a darling and becoming look for steampunk fashionistas.

Now moving from the head to the neck, we come to ties or necklaces. It is best for the larger steampunk gentlemen to avoid bow ties, with such a grandiose presence, a cravat or ascot will look best. As for plus size women, choose chunky pieces of jewelry or those extravagant in size, for the same reason, proportions. Adorn yourself with a big medallion, a cameo, or a large brooch. A full figured woman has the presence to pull off the more stunning and stupendous pieces of jewelry.

Along with these helpful hints, here are some photos I snapped at Aetherfest and the Oklahoma Steampunk Expo to offer examples of steampunk fashion DOs.

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  1. I loved the photos and the steampunk fashion tips. For those of us with fat heads-good advice. LOL
    I wish you all the best.

  2. Fun blog post! thanks for the tips! Looking forward to more blogs on the topic!

  3. Hi Maeve,

    I'm going to Authors After Dark book conference in Philly this August. They are having a Steampunk Ball. Stella one of the ladies thats help putting it on.
    So I will be attending my first Steampunk event. I have a Black Victorian outfit and I purchased a Mini Gothic Hat that I will put more towards the back of my head like a barrette. I figured I would get some goggles also, don't really know.
    I'm plus size and don't want to over do it. I have some beautiful jewelry pieces I could wear with it.

    I am usually into more the Tudor and Elizabeathian period. Thanks for the tips.

    Oh and the book sounds yummy and the cover is beautiful. Heres to many, many sales.

    Teresa K.