Monday, May 9, 2011

More Steamplus Tips

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Whether your costume is a Steampunk version of a ghost, vampire, mechanic, a Victorian lady, an airship crew member or pirate , a world explorer or something all together different, you might benefit from some advice in regard to costuming issues plus sized men and women run into. I wanted to share helpful pointers I picked up from a Steamplus panel on how to or fix or avoid fashion don’ts. The first tip applies to both men and women, clothes should be fitted, garments that are too large are as bad as clothing that’s too small.

Next, regarding corsets and vest. For women’s corsets, plastic boning should be avoided as it can cause bulges, the steel boning is best. For men, the vest or waistcoat needs to be long such as one purchased from a big and tall store so the tummy will not extend bulge under the vest. Pants should be fastened at the waistline not beneath it and most men will find suspenders work best.

For both men and women, any historical or stemapunk costume should look complete, from head to toe, for example don’t wear tennis shoes with a period dress. Also, though accessories are key to a Steampunk look, don’t’ go overboard, keep to the less is more fashion philosophy.

For examples and ideas, I’ve included a few photos I snapped at the Oklahoma Steampunk Expo and Aetherfest. So have fun and enjoy your costume while you look your best like the steampunkers shown here.

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  1. Ah yes! Costuming is much more difficult (and expensive) for the plus-sized individual. Great posts, Maeve!

  2. Thank you so much Cindy. I appreciate your comment so much. I'm so glad you liked the post.
    pen name - Maeve Alpin

  3. When I see the convention costumes, I think about the possibility of using steampunk for an everyday fashion accent. Any ideas from the convention?

    a.charol at yahoo dot ca

  4. I'm using examples from Torid since they sell online as well as in their boutiques & they are plus sized
    All of the below items and those like them can be worn as an individual fashion accessories with street clothes or work clothes even

    mini hat-

    Black fingerless gloves

    belt -

    corset belt -

    you can also do shoes, jewelery, or stockings with a steampunk look

  5. The newly released Steampunk Bible talks about steampunk in the real world. It's even leaking into weddings! Very fun stuff! thanks for the great post!

  6. Ditto on the Steampunk Bible! Great book and I'm in a SP wedding next year. Thanks for all the great info!