Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is Steampunk?

Sometimes I get What-is-Steampunk comments on facebook. The best short answer is Victorian Sci-fi, I also like it described as Historical/Sci-fi. There is Steampunk literature but it doesn’t stop there, it includes art, gadgets, music, and clothing. It took off from the fiction genre and rose to a subculture. A very fun, interesting, productive, and creative subculture. One of the beautiful things about Steampunk is it has no limits. It’s what you want to make it.

When creating your character, decide what you want to be, you don’t have to be an aristocratic Victorian or an airship pirate at all, they‘re steampunk cooks, chimney sweeps, as well as others. Here are photos of some exceptionally creative costumes. The costumes are inexpensive as you make them yourself or put your outfit together from Goodwill, thrift store, flea market, home depot, and even dumpster diving finds.

Steampunkers utilize their creative and artistic sides in their costuming and other areas whether it’s drawing, writing, leather craft, Jewelry design, music, acting, sculpting or other arts and craft endeavors. Whether airship members create art collaboratively or individually they often exhibit it together at Steampunk, Sci-fi, or Comic Cons. Hopefully that answers the what-is-Steampunk inquiries.

And for a further investigation of Steampunk, you can read my currently available As Timeless As Stone or my coming release, To Love A London Ghost. I’m having a blogging contest, post a comment with your Email to be entered into a drawing to win a PDF e/Book of my Steampunk/Romance As Timeless As Stone. Here’s a trailer for it. Please visit me at my website


  1. Steampunk is one of my favorite costume periods to play with...mainly because it doesn't exist, so you can get creative. And it is a fun genre to write too, though I need to polish my diamond a GREAT deal before it looks like more than a lump of coal...lol.

  2. Thanks you so much Rie. I appreciate you comment, I agree Steampunk is so much fun. Let me know when you're diamond's polished and released so I can read it.

  3. I enjoy the classy look of Victorian style, the clunky retro-futuristic technology, and the chivalrous slant in the values held in esteem.

  4. The concept beneath 'Timeless' is fascinating. Where did you find the images? More to the point, where can I find images to make my trailer?